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News Update

Poppy Café is Back

Poppy Café resumed on Tuesday 28 July and it was good to see those that were able to attend. Careful thought has gone into opening the Café safely and arrangements were slightly different but everyone attending appreciated the opportunity to meet. There were individual activities but most enjoyed the chance to chat and catch up on news.

For the first time carers were given the option of leaving their loved ones at the Café and having some respite time by themselves in town and a number took up this offer. The first meeting began with a modest 6 attendees but numbers have increased over subsequent weeks with 9 attending by the third week and the inclusion of socially distanced games played in the courtyard.

We hope this is just the start of resuming all our services as clearly lockdown has been a very difficult and challenging time for both our clients and their carers. This will be a step by step process to ensure that safety continues to be the underlying focus at all times but we are now on our way.

Claire Roberts

Chair, Holt & District Dementia Support

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